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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to My NEW Adventure!

Greetings, friends! I've decided to turn this blog (at least temporarily) into a blog about my experiences with AMTC - Actors, Models and Talent for Christ. If you remember a prior list I had, auditioning for AMTC was one of my "things to do" this year. I'm not sure how long it's been, but I've felt for a while now that God was calling me out of my teaching position to go do something totally different. And that "totally different something" was acting. My response, naturally, was "God, are you nuts?" Of course He's not... but really? Me?

And He said, "Why not you?"

I wrestled with the idea for quite some time. I mean, there are a lot of people out there who are very talented and would LOVE to become professional actors, singers, dancers, etc. and just don't seem to make it. Was this just an idea in my head that I was entertaining because I've always had a passion for it but never the real confidence to do much about it?

I have spent many weeks, perhaps even months or years if I really think about it, in prayer about the whole thing. I don't want to waste time and resources if this is not truly where God wants me to go. I do believe I received an answer. More than once. (It takes a while for God to convince me sometimes!) I prayed for an unmistakeable sign... something that I couldn't easily explain away as coincidence. I got it. So I auditioned.

The next day, I received my callback, and the exciting news that AMTC wanted to work with me in acting, singing and commercial modeling. Don't worry, I did my homework on AMTC prior to auditioning and found that they are a great Christ-centered company, not a scam! So I attended my orientation and began to pray some more about all this. Part of AMTC (one of the biggest and most exciting parts) is their bi-annual SHINE convention, held in Orlando. There, participants spend 6 days attending seminars taught by industry professionals and performing in showcases before 50-100 top casting directors, agents, talent scouts, etc. (No pressure, right?)

To receive all of the training (online and in person) that I need to prepare for SHINE and the possible jobs to come afterward, it costs a daunting $5,000. This doesn't include travel expenses. I'll likely drive to Orlando, since it's only 6 hours away, but I still need to cover that AND my stay at the hotel while I'm there.

"So, OK God. You've got me this far. You know I can't afford this on my own. I'm leaving it up to you."

And so, I've been a busy little bee. Not only applying here, there, and everywhere for a new job, but also working on ways to raise funds. I've offered myself for odd jobs like computer repair and pet sitting, and have also started preparing and selling homemade goods.

It is on this blog that I intend on posting updates on my progress and asking for your continual prayer and support. It's going to be quite a journey... but I'm ready and excited to see what God is going to do! He's already shown me that He's got my back. Take a look at my fundraising thermometer. God has provided nearly $500 in less than a month! I have no doubt that He will take care of me, my family, and all our needs.

Thanks for hanging with me on this SUPER-long post. Future ones won't be so long... but I just wanted to update "ya'll!"

~ Allison

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