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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I Am Nanny McPhee (well... almost!)

OK, no, I'm not the next Emma Thompson. Not yet, anyway. But through a very long chain of events that only God knew to put together, I've got an upcoming paid role as a storyteller this winter! They're looking for an old, cranky lady with a cane and possibly some ugly warts... so I immediately thought of Nanny McPhee as an example for my costuming. Not that Nanny was all that cranky... she was very matter-of-fact and almost eerily calm... something I loved about her!

I don't have all the details just yet of what town legend I'll be telling about, but I'll be performing it for children and the parents that bring them, so the script should be too much of a challenge to write. I'm really looking forward to it, actually! I hope to have someone record photos and/or video of my performance so it can be posted here. Stay tuned, readers!

They're predicting another sunny day for the Farmer's Market @ The Mill tomorrow, so I hope my friends will come chat with me at my tent! I'll have lots of frozen chocolate bananas on hand to keep you cool.

Be blessed, my friends. I sure am!

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