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Sunday, January 2, 2011

100 Things in 2011

As mentioned in my first post, I've decided to take on the challenge of creating a list of 100 things I'd like to do in 2011... and then accomplishing them! And as I do, I'll blog about my experiences.

Now, I don't expect to be able to think up 100 things to do in one sitting... that might take a while! But as things come to mind, I'll add them. Completing them will happen in no particular order, but I hope to be able to do them all by the end of the year.

1. Begin my own blog.

Oh wait... did that one already. Hmm...

OK. For reals, I'm going to make this list happen! Of course, I'm open to suggestions and inspirations from you as well! Some of it will be serious, some will be fun... all will be do-able.

1. Re-build emergency fund.
2. Update the look of this blog so it's a lot cuter!
3. Purchase canning equipment.
4. Learn how to safely can homemade foods.
ü5. Participate in a church drama or theater group.
6. Compile a repertoire of freezer-friendly recipes.
7. Travel to another state with friends/to visit friends.
ü8. Back up all my important files.
9. Post unwanted books on Paperbackswap.com
10. Donate clothes I won't wear anymore.
ü11. Volunteer my time in a new way.
12. Get to know my neighbors.
13. Go on dates!
ü14. Become a couponing queen.
15. Read the entire Bible.
ü16. Chase professional ambitions.
17. Save up for an AMTC workshop.
ü18. Donate hair to Locks of Love.
19. Get kitties to lose weight!
20. Eat fewer processed foods.
21. Lose 30 lbs.
22. Mentor a new Jazzercise trainee.
23. Learn to skate on quad skates again.
24. Go swimming at Boundary Waters.
25. Post a video to YouTube.
ü26. Random Acts of Kindness
27. Read a how-to book.
28. Go cosmic bowling.
29. Spend a day at the Mall of Georgia.
30. Go to the beach.
31. Fly a kite on the beach.
32. Stargaze (preferably with a telescope)
ü33. Surprise my Jazzercise customers in some way.
34. Teach Hannah to drive a stick shift.
35. Indulge in a spa day.
ü36. Re-organize storage space.
37. Sell unwanted teacher stuff.
38. Earn enough Swagbucks to buy a cool new toy.
39. Visit the Dekalb Farmer's Market for goodies.
40. Get involved in a new ministry.
41. Shop with a cash budget.
42. Pay off credit cards.
43. See a Broadway musical.
44. Teach Personal Touch session(s).
45. Meet Idina Menzel (ha! OK... dreaming on that one...)
46. Learn to make a gum wrapper chain.
47. Go to a Braves game.
48. Go to a Hawks game.
49. Have apartment carpets cleaned.
50. Care for a houseplant without killing it. :-)
51. Start a container garden.
52. Attend a cooking class.
53. Take a Yoga class.
54. Blow bubbles with a child.
55. Decorate a cake.
56. Eat something I've never tried before.
57. Make a homemade pizza.
58. View something from a new perspective.
59. Go ice skating.
60. Flip on a trampoline. (I've never dared!)
ü61. Raise caterpillars to butterflies.
ü62. Re-organize the pantry.
63. Spend a day with just me, God, and a camera.
64. Attend/Host a game night.
65. Turn balcony into comfortable/functional space.
66. Make a recipe "scrapbook"
67. Get bicycle repaired.
68. Purge old files/documents no longer needed.
69. Organize important papers.
ü70. Refresh my resume.
71. Create something new out of something old.
72. Laugh till it hurts.
73. Indulge my inner child.
74. Visit a museum or historical landmark.
75. Pack/organize out-of-season clothes.
76. Enjoy s'mores with someone
77. Raise $3,000 for Susan G. Komen for the cure
78. Write product reviews
79. Play a new game
ü80. Audition for something
81. Have my violin bow re-haired/replaced
82. Play aforementioned violin
83. Attend a concert
84. Start a "hope chest" (or tub... since I don't really have room for a big wooden chest!)
85. Take a drive to "wherever"
86. Eliminate a habit I dislike
87. Start a new habit I like
88. Write "Thank You" notes
89. Transfer memories from Mini-DV to DVD
90. Figure out how to transfer VHS to DVD too!
91. Assemble a puzzle
ü92. eBay, Facebook, Craig's List or yard sale to get rid of stuff!
93. Dress up for a special occasion
94. Celebrate my 30th birthday (November 20) in a special way
ü95. Do something for someone that they couldn't do themselves
96. Paint something
97. Learn a new dance
98. Sing karaoke
99. Share my faith with others
100. Put God's "to do' list for my life at #1, and enjoy the ride...

WHEW! Can you believe I actually had to use the "find" feature on my browser to make sure I didn't duplicate anything? Well duh... I'm sure you can believe that. Let me know if I missed anything, but I can't wait to get started on my list now that it's finished! Stay tuned, dear friends... it's going to be an amazing year!
~ Allison


  1. I love number 6! That's on my list, too!

    Ok-Ok, I don't usually pass these along, but I hate January so I thought it'd be fun to "play" and help spread some blog-love! In one of my recent posts, I nominated you for "The Stylish Blogger Award" which asks bloggers to post links to some of their favorite most recently discovered blogs, and YOU came to mind! :)

    If you'd like, you can write a post giving 7 facts about yourself and including the links to some of YOUR new favorites! Then leave them a comment which "passes" the award along! So, dust off your mantle and find a place for this shiny, new award! Love, H.

  2. I've got an award already? *blush*

    Well... ehm... I'd like to thank all the people who made this award possible. Like the guy who invented the internet, the guy who sold me this laptop on eBay, whoever invented the really fun program that taught me how to type, and my family and friends of course! And everyone else I might have forgotten to thank, just in case.

    I'm honored. :)

    I will be glad to pass along the award in an upcoming post. Thanks for making me feel all warm and fuzzy and special! ~Allison