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Monday, January 17, 2011

#80 - Audition for something

Check this one off of the list, ladies and gents. I did it! I almost chickened out...

During the ice-in last week, I received an email from the local community theatre group (C.A.S.T.) about auditions for an upcoming mystery dinner theatre. The play is called "Murder at Rutherford House" and will be held in late March through early April.

So... it's been a good 6 years since I've auditioned for a part in a play, and I have never done dinner theatre. (Attending one doesn't count, even if you know one of the cast members!) But I have always had this love/hate relationship with watching live stage performances. I love it, because it's great entertainment... but I hate it, because I'm always wishing it was *me* up on that stage!

Well, I may not have to wish for much longer. I admit, the "audition" was a little different than what I'm used to. I met the director and 2 of their regular members, but I was the only one there to read for a part. They're having another audition tomorrow and are expecting a few more people, they said. I'm welcome to come back tomorrow if I'd like, but I probably won't.

The script was ordered and has not arrived yet, probably due to snowmageddon last week... so I had to read from a different script. It was a romantic comedy, and I admit it was a little awkward doing a cold reading in a role that is trying to seduce another character... but I did my best and they seemed OK with how I did.

Now, I wait. It sounded to me like I'm "in"... but of course I don't even know what the roles are so I'm not sure what kind of part I'll get! We shall see, and I will certainly keep my readers posted.

Thus begins a new and exciting venture in my life! Today, Douglasville... tomorrow Broadway! OK, maybe not tomorrow. But I *would* love to at least see a show there if I ever get the chance. Even if it means stirring up the whole love/hate thing. :-)

~ Allison

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  1. Nothing like Broadway,you must go see one, or maybe two, or more !!!!!